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Cans Feeding System is designed to depalletise cans from pallets and subsequently feed them to the Can Filling Line.

1. Pallet Unloading System
2. Pallet Leveling Elevator
3. Can Feed Conveyor
4. Oriented Cans Exit and Handling Conveyors

Suitable for any kind of pallet size and specially designed to handle any kind of can heights and can diameters. Made of AISI -304 stainless steel.

Complete cell of unstacking cans:

• Zone of manual elimination of retractable pallet packaging.
• Transportation of cans pallets to the cans robotic area, with a buffer of 2 pallets.
• Robot, equipped with clamp four functionalities:
• Removing of top frame,
• Removing of cans layers,
• Removing of plastic layers
• Removing of empty pallets
• Zone for top frames and zone for separators.
• Leaving and stacking of pallets, with roller conveyor.
• Security fencing, with two access opening with wheelbarrow and a personal access door, with its corresponding securities
• Robot control panel, and installation
• Robot programming and PLC control
Conveyors to achieve the alignment in 1 row of output, composed of conveyors of modular band finished inox, with dimensions according to a complete layer of the pallet, with guides and control elements included.

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