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Empty Cans Cleaning System allows cleaning all possible dust from the cans inside. The system is composed by:

1. Can Twister: (open side up to open side down)
2. Can Cleaning System with two ionising nozzles (anti-static system)
3. Dust Collection System (with dust hopper)
4. Can Twister: (open side down to open side up)
5. Handling Conveyor

Cans enter into twister tunnel, then they are turned from open side up to open side down, and possible dust and dirty particles fall down. Dust Aspiration System collects all dust into Dust Hopper. Two ionising nozzles blow air inside cans, assuring that all dirty is removed from cans corners and is not stuck to the cans walls. After this operation, the cans are turned again from open side down to open side up and moved forward to the next production stages by handling conveyor.

Sapli supplies an inline 180º degree can twisters, which gently and rapidly invert or rotationally position metal tin cans. These devises are normally needed in tree points of line:
1. Before Can Cleaning System (open side up to open side down)
2. After Can Cleaning System (open side down to open side up)
3. After Seaming, Cleaning, Leak Testing and Laser Coding Processes (bottom side up to bottom side down)

  • The twister allows any required sequence of attitude changes when positioned in combination.
  • No practical limits to the size and shape.
  • Constructed in highly abrasion resistant, low friction and light weight material.
  • Compact design
  • Accurate operation
  • Simple installation and integration in production process
  • Quick format change-over
  • Low maintenance requirements

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